Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who participated in our knitting/crochet/yarn disasters contest! We rounded up a bunch of prizes so we have three winners. Here they are!

1. Cookey_knits with her disastrous sweater. (I sent you an e-mail.)

2. Danielle with the gigantic fishnets. (I left you a comment.)

3. Trish with the moth invasion (I have no info for you!)

Congrats ladies! Please make sure to contact us at the fibercult email address so we can get your prize packs together!

1 comment:

suzanne@knitayarn.com said...

Stop by the Knit-A-Yarn table and film a "shout out" to your listeners and show off your Rhinebeck knits!


Suzanne Ress
Channel Producer