Thursday, July 26, 2007

Episode 3 - Knitting Around

In this episode we discuss knitting pretty much everywhere except at our knitting group! In addition we go off on rather large tangents (detective sheep anyone?) and Cassandra and I give a little science lesson about chitin, that hot new sock yarn fiber.

Show notes coming soon!

Get it here.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally, we're up on iTunes!

Well after much trouble getting a listing up on iTunes, I just checked and found us there. :D

Their submission form was down for a while and then our submission got "lost" and I had to resubmit, but we're up and hopefully that will make it a little easier for our fabulous listeners to subscribe.

Amanda is down in DC now and we'll be trying to figure out how to get her recorded in the podcast as soon as she gets a little more settled.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode 2 - The Gang's All Here!

Finally (ok, so it's only the second episode) we've got everyone together in one podcast! I think the audio quality is much better as well, and my editing has improved.

In this podcast we introduce the Cs and have a spinning interlude with Cathy and Ariel. We also talk about our knitting and fiber-related goals and a bit about our stashes.


Sophie Bag


The Happy Hooker

Crochet Fan Bookmark

Blue Kitty Designs

Skull Wrist Warmers


Luna Moth shawl

Stariel's list of sock yarns

Yarn Pirate

Crisscross Sock by Amanda

You can get this episode here:

Although we're not searchable on iTunes yet, you can still subscribe - there are instructions in the bottom of the previous post. iTunes submissions are down and I'm not sure when they'll be up again.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The C's finally join in

Well today we finally got around to recording an episode with (most) of us present. You, Dear Listener, will now finally get to experience the (almost) full effect of us in 1 room.
I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, so make sure you listen to the next episode, which should be out shortly!
Also, check in on our blogs if you just cant wait b/c we always post our WIPs and FOs, in addition to fun links to the patterns we are working on. Many of us are already on Ravelry and we will be sure to link to our accounts soon.

Added by stariel:

Our Ravelry identities are:

Alexis - poodlestar
Amanda - theotheramanda
Ariel - stariel
Catherine - caflygrl

Also a quick note about the iTunes listing:

I've submitted the podcast rss to iTunes but it is still not searchable for some reason. I tried to submit it again but it seems there's something wrong with iTunes at the moment because it won't let us submit the feed.

Until then you can subscribe with iTunes by going to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast and entering our rss feed url:

Thanks for listening!