Monday, October 29, 2007

Episode 9: Rhinebeck Recap

Four of us get together to chat about our Rhinebeck hauls (with an educational spinning fiber interlude), general Rhinebeck experiences, and what we're knitting.

Ariel's blue yarn and fleece

Catherine’s purchases

Alexis's picture-ful recap

... and finally Cassandra's haul

Endpaper Mitts

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who participated in our knitting/crochet/yarn disasters contest! We rounded up a bunch of prizes so we have three winners. Here they are!

1. Cookey_knits with her disastrous sweater. (I sent you an e-mail.)

2. Danielle with the gigantic fishnets. (I left you a comment.)

3. Trish with the moth invasion (I have no info for you!)

Congrats ladies! Please make sure to contact us at the fibercult email address so we can get your prize packs together!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Episode 8 - Is that ribbing?

Killing vampires, why Catherine will be wearing a turtle to Rhinebeck and what we should hit up while we’re there. Also hear the tales of sad and happy socks. And plenty of outtakes this week (they’re after the contact info for those of you who haven’t discovered them yet.)

Ariel is knitting York from Noro Knits.

Most of the group is heading to Rhinebeck this weekend!

Cathy just finished Emerald from Knitty.

The Gemstone Debate:

Ruby is corundum and emerald is beryl, but they both contain chromium as an impurity. So we’re all sort of right!

Catherine isn't sure she'll finish Argosy in time for Rhinebeck, so she might wear Coronet instead.

And we announce the winners of the Knitting Disasters contest! (More details on the podcast or in an upcoming post by Catherine.)

P.S. If you're at Rhinebeck feel free to come and say hi to us - we'll be wearing FiberCult T-shirts and likely hanging around in a big group so we should be easy to find.