Friday, August 17, 2007

Episode 4 - Knitting Disasters

In this episode Ariel, Catherine, and Cassandra wax poetic about life, trips to Chicago, and the contents of their Sockapalooza packages. Oh... wait, that was the unedited version.

Seriously, we recorded for over an hour so this one was severely edited!

In the version you're going to hear, we talk about what we're knitting (lots since the last podcast!), our Sockapalooza socks, and knitting disasters. There's even a little contest.

The links - very few this time!

Monkey Socks by Cookie A.

Pembrokeshire Pathways Socks by Brenda Dayne from the CraftSanity podcast

Fitted Knits


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Erin said...

Ladies, keep up the good work! I love listening to the podcast! More! More! :)