Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Episode 5: Skype to the Rescue!

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In which we gab further about Sockapalooza, more knitting disasters, a trip to NYC, Rhinebeck, and, as always, sock yarn. And in which the wonders of modern technology allow Amanda to join us again!

New York:
Purl SoHo
School Products
Spring Awakening

The Loopy Ewe
Interlacements Sock Gang
Sunshine Yarns
Cherry Tree Hill


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies
I just finish listening to your pod cast. I totally want to meet all of you. I also have an out of control stash plus I spin. I'll put it this way we sleep in the little room so the big room will be full of wool. That's not counting the two tough sheds full of yarn. If I was in Boston I would be your uninvited guest.

Keep up the good work. The podcasts are too much fun!!!!
Your newest listener.
Tamara in Denver.