Saturday, September 8, 2007

Episode 6: Silk Fondlers Anonymous

In a rather random show, the gang (minus Cassandra) talks about yarn acquisition, what they're knitting, the Epic Yarn Diet Challenge, Secret Spook, and assorted other knitting goodness.

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Kristie said...

20 years ago I was inspired to knit a queen-sized wool blanket--what better way to use my stash than to make one giant rectangle! I spent the three hottest months of summer sweltering under what became a tent-sized afghan.
I still haven't woven in the ends.

FuzzyKittie said...

Okay, I will see your stabbed in the hand with a dpn and raise you. I was sitting in my comfy chair knitting a sock. I needed to reach for something (who knows what, after the pain haze). I set my sock down and the 5th needle was in my lap parallel to my legs. I reached forward, apparently quickly and with some force to reach whatever it was I thought I needed... and the dpn went through MY JEANS, underwear and gave me a puncture wound right down to the pubic bone. Many, many bad words followed, once I could breath again. Fortunately my tetanus shot is up to date. Ladies and gents, be careful where you set your needles down.

Lori said...

My first sweater. First off, I made it from Lion Brand Homespun, secondly, I didn't go down a needle size for the ribbing, and when I put it on, the cuffs fit differently on each of my two wrists, then, I tried to p/u stitches for the collar, but I cast-off so tightly, I couldn't get my needle into them to p/u any stitches, so had to leave it like it was and it was so hidious I threw it in the garbage and this after about a month's work into it.

Cookey_knits said...

Hey 25 years ago when I first started to knit, my first big project was a sweater and I didn't know how to cast off and did it up all wrong. I didn't even know how to sew the seams together so my mother did that job, well to get to the point the seams were so tight that I couldn't even put the sweater on. My mother tried to lossen it but nothing worked. At the time I would have never thought of frogging it, so it ended up in a box and never got used.( I was only 12 when this was knitted.I am alot more advanced today in knitting .)

Danielle said...

Fishnets. I used the Knitty pattern but figured it needed modification. They looked like they would never stay up-- so I'd need to make them longer and close up the back partway up. (They were supposed to lace up.)

So I made lots of changes and only marked them with bobby pins instead of writing them down. Right.

Second stocking I kinda figured I did the same thing? Then right about at the knee, I realized that the second stocking was twice again as big as the first. (Apparently I finally recognized that you shouldn't pull elastic yarn tight.)

Thus I would have to make a THIRD stocking AND remember every modification I never wrote down in the first place. Needless to say, I quit.

Trish said...

Ok the other day when I listened to your pod show I didn't feel like I had every had a major knitting disaster. But today I feel like my world has ended. It really isn't a knitting disaster so much as a yarn disaster.
A year or so ago I took part in a yarn swap and took home some lovely sock yarn that I quickly knit into a nice pair of socks. I noticed that the yarn seemed a little dirty but I thought nothing of it. I was going to wash them anyway right. Well the problem was that what I thought was dirt was actually moth droppings. A couple of months later I found some yarn in my stash had been chewed up. I feaked out and went through everything. I threw away a bunch of stuff I didn't care much about and then I rushed everything else to my neighbors large freezer. She kept it all there for three months for good measure. When she finally needed the space back she returned my yarn and fiber and I went through it all and sealed all but a few projects that I was working on in air tight containers. Well to make a long story short I found moths again today in several places and I very sadly have to say that I just threw away 95% of my stash. I had to have my 11 year old son carry it to the trash can so that I wouldn't have a total melt down. Everything I have left has been carefully looked over and will reside in my freezer until it is ready to be worked on. I will never take yarn from a yarn swap again. I hope that it doesn't take me too long to eradicate all of the pests because I am going to be lonely without all my yarn.

Cath said...

Firstly - thanks for the great podcast - I really enjoy listening to you all! You sound like such a nice bunch of friends. And for my mishap...well one of my first lace type projects was a mohair jumper - very light and holey. All went well until I came to sew up the seams. I sewed the arm holes so tight that they nearly cut off circulation under my arms. The sleeves seemed to billow out from the arm holes which was not at all flatttering or comfortable. I used it for a "round the house" jumper" I put it away in the cupboard over summer and when I pulled it out again the next year a moth had eated a great big hole in the centre of the front. So I experimented with felting it. It came out about a girls size 10 (Australian sizes - don't know what that is in US but it's very tiny) I cut straight up the front of the jumper and turned it into a sort of holey felted cardigan. Luckily my sister is TINY - so I gave it to her. And she loved it! Oh...and I stretched out the armholes as far as I could when I blocked it after the felting.